Fiorentini – Mini Sweeper


The smallest man sweeper on board. Agile and powerful thanks to the cylindrical Ø265mm cylinder brush for 590mm in length and to the side brush Ø300mm. For a total workstation of 700mm. Easy to use with the handlebars and the removable waste collection drawer.




Electric mulch that guarantees 45/40/35 Kg of pressure on the brush and a rotating speed of 150rpm brush. Also available in the double speed version, in which the speed of rotation of the brush can be varied between 175/150rpm and 325rpm.


Power Electrical
Useful working width 500/430/330 mm
Max hourly performance 400/300/250 m 2 / h
No. and Brush Diameter 1 of 500/430/330 mm


Dupuy – Industrial vacuum cleaners for bakeries


Sahabat Profiklin, hari ini admin akan membagikan solusi untuk anda yang sedang bekerja di industrial makanan.

Tahukah anda bahwa Tepung, remah-remah dari sisa produksi adalah sebuah bencana ?

Bahan-bahan ini seringkali berpotensi meledak sehingga membutuhkan aplikasi vakum industri bersertifikat ATEX, yang meminimalisir risiko terjadinya ledakan sesuai dengan Peraturan Eropa.

Namun sekarang ada solusi nya !!

1. Compact vacuum cleaners
2. ATEX vacuum cleaners
3. Centralized vacuum systems. 


The Solutions :

Dupuy adalah produsen khusus penyedot debu industri dan penyedot debu bersertifikat ATEX.

bakeries3.jpg Mengapa kita butuh Centralized vacuum ?

  • CVS DUPUY adalah solusi terbaik dalam hal fleksibilitas
  • Instalasi sentral tetap terdiri dari unit hisap dan jaringan pipa yang dapat dipasang di mana saja, tergantung kebutuhan pelanggan. Ini adalah alat yang sangat fleksibel: dapat digunakan untuk membersihkan area produksi, lantai, dan instalasi selama atau setelah siklus kerja. Penghematan waktu dan hanya perlu 1 orang pegawai kebersihan untuk aktivitas ini. Satu operator sendiri dapat membersihkan seluruh gudang tanpa membutuhkan bantuan atau alat lain.
  • Sistem pembersihan yang tetap dapat mengumpulkan bahan dari banyak area masuk secara bersamaan. Sehingga area yang luas dapat dibersihkan secara efisien. material dikumpulkan dalam satu wadah, dapat ditempatkan di dalam atau diluar pabrik sehingga memudahkan operator untuk menyediakan pembuangan atau daur ulang




Bag filters for powders: which model to choose according to the load

When you need to install a bag filter for dust abatement within a company, there are a series of parameters to consider in order to evaluate the most suitable model according to specific needs. .

However, it should be noted that the use of sleeve dedusting devices ensures a series of advantages , such as:

  • Net reduction of emissions.
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to the efficient self-cleaning system using compressed air.
  • Reduced load losses in operation with minimum consumption of compressed air.
  • High durability of filter bags.

There is also the possibility of purchasing bag filters that comply with ATEX standards.

Bag filter models

HFiltration offers two models of bag filters to better meet the different needs:

  • BAG COMPACT® , designed for medium-light industrial applications, available with integrated or ground-mounted fan and for air flows between 1000 m 3 / h and 13500 m 3 / h. A modular system able to guarantee excellent efficiency with emissions
    ≤ 5 mg / Nm 3  and equipped with a compressed air backwashing system.
  • HJL BAG , fully customizable and ad hoc designed solutions, also intended for outdoor installation and for 24-hour operation. These solutions range from minimum air flows of 5000 m 3 / h and can go up to an infinite number. This system ensures high filtration efficiency ≤10 mg / Nm 3 , equipped with a compressed air backwashing system that also guarantees a prolonged life of the bags. This solution is also available in ATEX II 3D T155 version.

A complete range of bag filters designed to eliminate dust in an effective and functional way, so that the environments are clean and free of dispersed dust substances.



Did you know that half of the world’s population currently lives in an urban environment? And that this percentage is rapidly increasing? This urbanization has far-reaching consequences for the way we will live and work in the cities of the future.

As a result, local governments are increasingly challenged to look for sustainable solutions to reduce noise and environmental pollution in order to keep cities liveable. In line with RAVO’s vision of its societal role and the trend towards environmentally friendly, sustainable, responsible business practices, and as an innovator in the field of city cleaning, RAVO understands the challenges you face and is constantly seeking sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of your urban residents.

RAVO is therefore proud to introduce its latest development: the RAVO 5 eSeries, a reliable, fully electric, exceptionally quiet, 100% emission-free sweeper. This is yet another step in the company’s continuous drive to ensure the well-being of your residents and contribute to a healthy, clean future for everyone in the community.

Ravo E Series

CleanMist® centrifugal filter to reduce oily mists

Cleanmist ® is the centrifugal filter for the abatement of oily mists produced by HFiltration .

This system is able to filter the air polluted by oily mists and coolants by conveying it into the filter through an inlet designed to block access to solid particles dispersed in the atmosphere.

From here, thanks to a conical diffuser, the particles of mists and vapors will be centrifuged at high speed and pushed towards special filter panels, passing through them the particles undergo the coalescence effect and are transformed into drained drops and subsequently collected externally by means of a special discharge pipe . What is collected can then be used again in the production cycle of the plant to which the centrifugal filter is associated.

The air that undergoes the purification process, once deprived of the polluting part, is pushed into the upper part of the filter where it will be treated by a final cartridge or, alternatively, sent to a final electrostatic filter (FEF), consequently depriving it of 99 % of impurities . In the latter case, the air will pass through an additional ionizing filter where particles up to 0.03 microns will be subjected to a strong electric charge and then subsequently attracted to special plates.


The benefits guaranteed by Cleanmist®

Thanks to the use of Cleanmist®, the filter for purifying the air from oily mists, you will find yourself in front of a system:

  • Easy to install
  • Effective
  • Little noisy
  • Which requires simple and reduced maintenance
  • Capable of recovering processing oil dispersed in the atmosphere

There will also be the possibility of making use of the HFiltration technical assistance to develop the most suitable solution, both in terms of scope and operation, but also for any problems and post-sales requests.

What is a centrifugal filter used for and what are its fields of application?

centrifugal filter Hfiltration

What is a centrifugal filter used for and what are its fields of application?

Centrifugal filters are designed to purify and break down the oily mists produced by industrial plants, precisely separating the air from the oil (or coolants), collecting the latter to re-enter it in the production cycle or to dispose of it.

The mists pass through the inlet of the filter passing a net positioned to avoid access to solid materials, and are then conveyed inside the plant itself. Here, through a conical diffuser , the particles are evenly distributed inside the filter and centrifuged at high speed to be pushed towards the external filter panels. Crossing them, the particles turn into droplets due to the coalescence effect , drained and conveyed to an exhaust pipe to be collected.

The purified air is then pushed into the upper part of the filter, where it will then be reintroduced into circulation after any treatment through a final cartridge or an electrostatic filter.

Application of centrifugal filters
  • Centrifugal filters that exploit the coalescence principle for the recovery of the oils present in oil mists can be
  • applied for the suction of:
  • Machine tools
  • Lathes
  • Metal washing machines
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Boring machines
  • Machining centers.

The success of this type of centrifugal filter lies in the ease of installation , in the high efficiency guaranteed, in the low noise level , in the reduced maintenance and in the low consumption necessary for its operation. Furthermore, thanks to the coalescence principle, the oily particles dispersed in the atmosphere will be recovered, collected and, consequently, reintroduced into the production cycle of the plant.

Fiorentini Delux 50E VAP Steam Scrubbing Machine


The Delux 50 E combination steam scrubbing machine is cable powered with a 5 litre solution tank capacity.
Ideal solution for many different industries including warehouses, schools and care homes.
It only takes 3.5 minutes to reach the required temperature and has a 1.5 litre boiler capacity.
Manual steam supply adjustment.
Steam kills 99.99% of bacteria without the use of chemicals.

Two key pre-requisites for food safety and Covid-19 control.

Restaurants, bars, cafes, contract catering and food services providers have been some of the hardest hit by the current Covid-19 global pandemic. Many have been forced to close their operations and now await further advice on when and how they should re-open

When they do there will be many things to consider, including how to ensure food safety and control Covid-19 in relation to both their staff and customers.

See article below :

food safety vikan

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