A system in the industrial world that uses control devices to control operational processes. The process is very possible to be carried out automatically without involving much human intervention.

An industrial automation system is a system used to control and monitor processes, machines or devices in a computerized way. Usually applied to repetitive tasks or work.
Actually, the role of humans in this matter is not lost 100%, but at least it is reduced so they can work faster. Some tools such as machines, factory processes, boilers and heat processing ovens work partially automatically and minimize human intervention.

Currently, many companies are implementing technology like this. There are at least several reasons, namely increasing productivity and reducing wage costs for workers. That way, the company becomes more cost-effective.

Products/Services we offer:

  • New Installations, Upgrade, Migration panel kontrol sistem, (plc, hmi, scada).
  • Drive system: AC, DC drive, Servo/motion system.
  • Unwinding/Winding Application with tension control(loadcell&brake) for Paper / Plastic, Tire and Rubber.
  • Cutting system, cut to length & rotary/continues cutting.
  • Non contact measuring system for Length, Thickness, Width, Diameter.
  • Power energy monitoring system.
  • Registration system for paper/plastic printing machine.
  • Smart packaging system, filling, sealing, cutting.
  • Palletizing, material conveying system.
  • Weighing system for check weight, process weight/batching, mixing.
  • Customs system automation.

Brand controller: Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, or as custom request.