Vikan – Condensation Squeegee



Vikan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygienic and effective cleaning solutions. We offer more than 100 years of innovation and a range of more than 1000 different cleaning implements. All our tools are tailor-made for use in industries where hygienic cleaning is essential.

Vikan’s squeegee for removal of condesation from ceiling and pipes. The condesed water is effectively removed and floats from the squeegee through a waterfed handle and into a 1/2 liter bottle


Better Hygiene with the new One-Piece Pipe Brush from Vikan


Break through the Barriers to Better Hygiene with the new One-Piece Pipe Brush from Vikan

Benefits summary :

  • Improved hygiene thanks to moulded design with no joint between handle and head
  • Stiffer filaments at the end of the brush head improve cleaning efficacy
  • Available in six colours for cleaning tool segregation
  • Hygienic drop-shaped hanging hole facilitates cleaning and fits all Vikan wall brackets
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Extensive range of pipe and tube cleaning brushes in many sizes

Vikan – Introducing the Pipe Exterior Brush


Dirt and dust that accumulate on top of and behind overhead pipes and equipment can put food safety and quality at risk. The handheld Vikan Pipe Exterior Brush helps you minimise these risks by keeping hard-to-reach installations free of potential contaminants. Able to clean pipes up to 100 mm in diameter.

The Pipe Exterior Brush features:

  • Medium polyester filaments for wet/damp pipes
  • Threaded hand grip for use with or without extension handle (fits all Vikan handles)
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Available in 6 colours



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Vikan’s guide to food-handling utensils

Food-handling utensils are right at the centre of your operations. If designed, used and maintained properly, they can help you work more effectively and ensure product quality and consumer safety.

This guide is intended to help you familiarise yourself with the qualities and capabilities that food-handling tools need if they are to do their job effectively. It provides advice, tips and tricks on how best to select, use, clean and maintain your tools

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Vikan – Cleaning Tools in The Kitchen

This one-box solution provides every tool you need to clean in your commercial kitchen. All tools are designed to be long lasting, easy to maintain and deliver outstanding cleaning performance. This kit contains: 1x Broom, 1x Crevice Scrub, 2x Aluminium Handles, 1x Dustpan, 1x Dustpan Brush

Vikan’s kitchen and restaurant solution provides a pragmatic approach to the sector’s challenges of ensuring efficient hygienic cleaning, avoidance of cross contamination and a safe physical environment.

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Vikan – Colour Coded Segregation

How it works

Colour-coded segregation helps minimise the risk of product cross-contamination from microbes and food residues, including allergens, chemicals and foreign bodies. It works by assigning cleaning tools a specific colour for use in specific areas and/or for specific tasks.

For example, red tools can be used in high-risk areas, and yellow ones in low-risk areas. Blue tools could be used to clean surfaces that come in contact with food, while green ones could be used for cleaning floors. This makes it easy to identify whether tools are in the wrong area, or are being used for the wrong task.


Heightened food safety regulations are driving the need for documented food safety management systems. As a result, more food processors are using colour-coding throughout their facilities to help manage food safety risks.

Colour-coding can be an effective and easily understood way of minimising cross contamination. It has been shown that, with proper implementation, the benefits of a colour-coding system can outweigh the costs. Additionally, while it is not yet a firm requirement by law, colour-coding is often looked upon favourably by customers and inspectors as a practice that shows a companys commitment to food safety.


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Hygiene Revolution – Vikan Ultra Safe Technology


ULTRA SAFE TECHNOLOGY is part of Vikan’s ambition to create the most secure, safe and hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry. Let us show you how we are setting new standards.

Vikan’s new Ultra Safe Technology is a revolutionary new line of brooms and brushes that help improve food safety and quality, minimize food waste and increase cleaning efficiency. These new products from Vikan comply with food safety regulations and minimize the risk of contamination hazards.The innovative technology utilizes enhanced bristle security units directly molded to the brush block, removing any gaps or seams while offering unprecedented bristle retention strength. The hand brushes, deck scrubs and sweeping brooms each have a unique bristle pattern to optimize function, while spacing between the bristle units makes each tool easier to clean, dry, and inspect.

UST’s unique design and construction improves bristle retention and allows for significantly more effective cleaning of the product itself.

UST provides a level of hygienic design that has never been seen before. In areas that are hygiene critical, UST gives food processors the confidence that bacteria and foreign contaminates will not hide in and around the tools. This makes UST an outstanding alternative to resin set brush products.

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A Problem Solver, However You Use it !!

When you scale up a bucket to hold 20 litres of food and beverage ingredients, the bucket becomes more than just a bucket. With its hygienic design and premium-quality, durable materials, the Vikan 20 Litre Bucket is a multi-purpose powerhouse you’ll find yourself using everywhere.