Did you know that half of the world’s population currently lives in an urban environment? And that this percentage is rapidly increasing? This urbanization has far-reaching consequences for the way we will live and work in the cities of the future.

As a result, local governments are increasingly challenged to look for sustainable solutions to reduce noise and environmental pollution in order to keep cities liveable. In line with RAVO’s vision of its societal role and the trend towards environmentally friendly, sustainable, responsible business practices, and as an innovator in the field of city cleaning, RAVO understands the challenges you face and is constantly seeking sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of your urban residents.

RAVO is therefore proud to introduce its latest development: the RAVO 5 eSeries, a reliable, fully electric, exceptionally quiet, 100% emission-free sweeper. This is yet another step in the company’s continuous drive to ensure the well-being of your residents and contribute to a healthy, clean future for everyone in the community.

Ravo E Series