Sweeper with Fine Dust Solution -The RAVO HYGiON

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), fine dust is considered a first-rate cancer-causing agent that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Fine dust is divided into fine dust (PM10), consisting of particles smaller than 10 μm in diameter, and ultra-fine dust (PM2.5), dust particles smaller than 2.5μm in diameter. Ultra-fine dust in the air can cause health complications when inhaled because it can penetrate into the lungs and blood flow of a person.

Particle matter pollution, better known as fine dust has become a growing issue for cities worldwide. More and more frequent cities have to take drastic measurements such as partial shut downs because the pollution is too high. But before talking about solutions, let’s look into what fine dust actually is. Fine dust is not visible to the human eye and exists out of Particulate Matters (PM). It can come in almost any shape or size, and can be solid particles or liquid droplets.

Particles can be divided into two major groups which differ in many ways. The coarse particles or PM10 (includes
smoke, dirt and dust from factories, farming, and roads, as well as mold, spores and pollen) are created through the crushing and grinding of rocks and soil, and then blown by wind.


An important step towards a cleaner sky and safer city environment: The RAVO HYGiON has all the advantages of the 5 iSeries with an extra benefit; It is equipped with the SAIGA Particle system. With this system the sweeping machine does not only sweep the streets clean it also captures the fine dust from the airstream out of the air.

The SAIGA Particle system brings electrostatically charged ions into the exit airflow of the sweeper.

By doing this dust particles are electrically charged. This attracts them to the opposite charged collector and binds them together. These particles are then collected on the frame and are transformed into larger pieces of dust. These will then clog to the system until cleaned.

This cleaning system has been designed in such a way that there is no need for any physical contact between the operator and the machine while cleaning the system. In this way it meets all safety standard and avoids the shaking of conventional fabric filters which can be found in other systems. Another great advantage is that this system does not effect the sweeping performance in anyway.


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