Vikan – Condensation Squeegee



Vikan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygienic and effective cleaning solutions. We offer more than 100 years of innovation and a range of more than 1000 different cleaning implements. All our tools are tailor-made for use in industries where hygienic cleaning is essential.

Vikan’s squeegee for removal of condesation from ceiling and pipes. The condesed water is effectively removed and floats from the squeegee through a waterfed handle and into a 1/2 liter bottle


Better Hygiene with the new One-Piece Pipe Brush from Vikan


Break through the Barriers to Better Hygiene with the new One-Piece Pipe Brush from Vikan

Benefits summary :

  • Improved hygiene thanks to moulded design with no joint between handle and head
  • Stiffer filaments at the end of the brush head improve cleaning efficacy
  • Available in six colours for cleaning tool segregation
  • Hygienic drop-shaped hanging hole facilitates cleaning and fits all Vikan wall brackets
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Extensive range of pipe and tube cleaning brushes in many sizes