Expo Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 Series

EXPO  MANUFACTURING INDONESIA 2017 SERIES The 28th International Manufacturing, Machinery, Equipment, Materials and Services Exhibition, is garnering strong support and confidence from both Regional and International vendors, suppliers and players.

More than half of the floor is occupied!
Join this professional gathering of the cleaning industry, sharing the latest innovation, solution and technolog , day from December  6 to 9, 2017 at the Jakarta International Expo Indonesia.

Vacuum Truck Coal-Fired Power Plants Indonesia

can be dirty and dangerous facilities.

Accumulated coal dust that exists throughout the plants is a major explosion and fire hazard. Vacuum Truck are safe and reliable pieces of equipment to help mitigate this problem.

At this particular facility, we built a custom vacuum truck that was run throughout the facility. They are able to clean the entire crusher and boiler rooms located within the power plant. The coal dust is discharged directly back into the plant conveyor system thus not generating any waste.

Due to the site constraints and large site of the power plant, we also provided them with a large 122 HP powerlift Vacuum on Truck. This vacuum is used to pick-up fly ash and large spills that occur in the loading areas.

With a 3” hose, the powerlift vacuum can handle just about anything you throw at it.

By building safe and reliable industrial vacuum systems, we not only helped clean this plant up, but also made it a much safer environment to operate”.