Industrial Vacuum Truck Solutions

was founded in 1936 with the entrepreneurial spirit of Angelo Sibilia. The company’s first industrial reform began in 1947, with the construction of a cast iron foundry that. Since 1993, the technical direction of Sibilia was taken by Alberto Sibilia, the founder’s son, who quickly brought Sibilia to a position of worldwide leadership in the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner sector. Today we are present throughout the entire world throughout an extensive network of agencies and partners.


Certification number: 02652

ISO 9001 : 2008
Every vacuum uniti s subjected to rigorous examinations and is tested under the most heavy conditions, in order to meet the highest quality standard. Most of Sibilia’s vacuum cleaners undergo inspections by external and international boards who test the following parameters: -filtration efficiency -efficiency in the waste disposal of toxicant or dangerous material -protection against electrostatic discharges -work suitability inside explosion risk zones (Atex)

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Vacuum Truck Coal-Fired Power Plants Indonesia

can be dirty and dangerous facilities.

Accumulated coal dust that exists throughout the plants is a major explosion and fire hazard. Vacuum Truck are safe and reliable pieces of equipment to help mitigate this problem.

At this particular facility, we built a custom vacuum truck that was run throughout the facility. They are able to clean the entire crusher and boiler rooms located within the power plant. The coal dust is discharged directly back into the plant conveyor system thus not generating any waste.

Due to the site constraints and large site of the power plant, we also provided them with a large 122 HP powerlift Vacuum on Truck. This vacuum is used to pick-up fly ash and large spills that occur in the loading areas.

With a 3” hose, the powerlift vacuum can handle just about anything you throw at it.

By building safe and reliable industrial vacuum systems, we not only helped clean this plant up, but also made it a much safer environment to operate”.


Central Vacuum Cleaning System Applications


Health and Safety in the workplace is paramount to Profiklin Cemerlang’s .Pt. Working with our company means that not only will the workplace be a healthier and more pleasant environment, but also the potential explosion risk within the area will be reduced as required as part of the ATEX Directive.

Other benefits include:
– Improved working environment.
– Improved product integrity.
– Easy removal of fine dust in the boilers to avoid the risk of explosion.
– Easy removal of residual parts inside the furnaces during maintenance shut down.
– Easy removal of ahes in the ESP or filters in case of extraordinary maintenance.
– Single or multi-operator systems designed.
– General cleaning and bulk removal in one system.
– Wet and dry applications served.


Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems benefit a vast spectrum of industries and together with Profiklin and sibilia’s professional approach and many years of experience, all industries can be confident that there is a system to suit their bespoke requirements.

Profiklin engineers are no strangers to devising ingenious and innovative solutions to assist you to create a healthier and safer working environment. The company have installed wet central vacuum cleaning systems, where liquid extraction, separation and discharge have been accomplished. Profiklin’s flexible approach means that whatever the application, no industry or production facility is precluded from a system installation.

The company has installed several systems handling Biomass materials within a delivery rail intake, processing, distribution facility on a coal fired powered station and at the other end of the industrial spectrum supplied a system within a Class 100,000 clean room complex for scientific research.