CleanMist® centrifugal filter to reduce oily mists

Cleanmist ® is the centrifugal filter for the abatement of oily mists produced by HFiltration .

This system is able to filter the air polluted by oily mists and coolants by conveying it into the filter through an inlet designed to block access to solid particles dispersed in the atmosphere.

From here, thanks to a conical diffuser, the particles of mists and vapors will be centrifuged at high speed and pushed towards special filter panels, passing through them the particles undergo the coalescence effect and are transformed into drained drops and subsequently collected externally by means of a special discharge pipe . What is collected can then be used again in the production cycle of the plant to which the centrifugal filter is associated.

The air that undergoes the purification process, once deprived of the polluting part, is pushed into the upper part of the filter where it will be treated by a final cartridge or, alternatively, sent to a final electrostatic filter (FEF), consequently depriving it of 99 % of impurities . In the latter case, the air will pass through an additional ionizing filter where particles up to 0.03 microns will be subjected to a strong electric charge and then subsequently attracted to special plates.


The benefits guaranteed by Cleanmist®

Thanks to the use of Cleanmist®, the filter for purifying the air from oily mists, you will find yourself in front of a system:

  • Easy to install
  • Effective
  • Little noisy
  • Which requires simple and reduced maintenance
  • Capable of recovering processing oil dispersed in the atmosphere

There will also be the possibility of making use of the HFiltration technical assistance to develop the most suitable solution, both in terms of scope and operation, but also for any problems and post-sales requests.