The Idrodust Compact® hydrodynamic filter Solution for a hydrodynamic dust, vapour and gas suppressor


The Idrodust Compact® hydrodynamic filter is a hydrodynamic dust, vapour and gas suppressor that uses the effect of micromixing the air being treated with water.

The air to be treated enters the filter by passing through an expansion chamber which significantly slows down the flow which promotes the precipitation of coarse polluting particles; the air flow then passes through the venturi duct, dragging part of the water present in the filter. The centrifugation process, which humidifies the polluted air and retains the polluting particles, takes place in the venturi duct. Before the clean air is ejected, it passes through a droplet separator, depositing the particles of water trapped in the air flow onto this separator.

It has no parts that are subject to wear or clogging, which helps reduce maintenance.

  • Applications :
  • Sandblasting
  • Mechanical processing
  • Water soluble gas flows
  • Metal glazing
  • Generic dust

  • Efficiency: Emissions ≤ 10 mg/Nm³*
    *Other emissions obtainable on request
  • Extremely contained installation, use and maintenance costs
  • Multiple filter inspection access points
  • No risk of fire thanks to the presence of water

  • IDRODUST COMPACT® hydrodynamic filter with Sludge dredge


The Idrodust Compact® hydrodynamic filter with Sludge dredge operation, similar to the standard version, differs in how sludge is automatically drained from the sedimentation tank. Scrapers collect the dust/sludge that settles at the bottom of the tank and it is transported mechanically to the outlet for disposal. The Sludge dredge prevents having to stop the machine to remove sludge, considerably reducing general management costs.


  • IDRODUST COMPACT® hydrodynamic filter with Venturi Pump


The Venturi Pump system consists of a 250 litre water tank connected to the IDRODUST COMPACT® filter tank. The tank is equipped with a pump that pushes the fluid into a rigid PVC pipe up to the nozzles inserted in the venturi pipe. The flow of air being treated is thus washed before entering the filter. A level switch to protect the pump is installed on the tank, which switches off the motor if the level of water in the tank drops below a safety threshold.

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