Cleaning any kind of floor or surface Solution for pedestrian

Pedestrian is a sidewalk intended for pedestrians to enjoy the nuances of urban buildings and city parks, but the current conditions are still difficult to maintain because they have several problems, namely:

  1. Not flat
  2. Dificult to mantaince
  3. Easy to damage
  4. High repair cost
  5. High injuring risk


Solution we can offer !!

  • Additive for concrete : permanent waterprofing and anti stain
    DPC (Deep Penetrating Capillary) crystalline technology is a waterproofing chemical treatment that, when added to the concrete mix as an additive or used as a coating, increases the durability of concrete by sealing pores, capillaries and micro-fractures with a needle-like crystalline formation that is insoluble and highly resistant.
  • Supershield’s active components react chemically with the co-products of cement hydration, forming a crystalline structure that becomes part of the concrete mass, making it impervious to moisture and liquids entering from every direction, but allowing the passage of water vapour and allowing the structure to breathe.
  • The crystalline structure is established when there is moisture. Also in time, if settlement cracks form, new water trying to enter concrete triggers a new crystal growth process which seals cracks of up to 0.4 mm.
  • The crystalline structures, being formed inside the concrete mass and not exposed to the surface, cannot deteriorate, whereas membranes and other superficial waterproof coatings can easily be damaged. Simply put, the DPC system waterproofs and protects concrete permanently, therefore increasing its durability.



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