PT. Profiklin Cemerlang

Who Are We ?

Established in 1996, PT. Profiklin Cemerlang started marketing the most basic cleaning products such as brooms, mops and cleaning chemicals. Soon, however, the market demands the company to branch out to other product segments like sweepers and scrubbers. Today the company handles every cleaning products from a simple broom to heavy-duty industrial vacuum, and its market covers area as far as Bali, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi.

In 2001, having been steady supplier for big clients for over 6 years, the company sets up a more aggressive campaign to market quality cleaning products. Under the new logo and more solid mission, the company is ready for a new chapter of helping clients cleaning their environment, by offering the industry's most complete product line, from vacuum cleaners to large outdoor sweepers.

Presently, PT. Profiklin Cemerlang represent the world best cleaning-equipment producers such as: Fiorentini, Ready System, Sibilia, Snorkel, Oertzen, Klindex, Vikan, Ravo, Hascon, RGS, Eureka, Santoemma, and Concentrates on marketing These quality cleaning product in indonesia.