The Pulsatron Compact® ATEX
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The Pulsatron Compact® ATEX



Product Description

The Pulsatron Compact® ATEX range includes compressed air
self-cleaning high efficiency cartridge filters that can solve all dry
filtration problems

     The polluted air enters the filter passing through a pre-chamber which manages the
separation of the coarser particles; the flow then passes through the cartridges depositing
the contaminated outside them, while the clean air is discharged from the filter head.
An automatic cartridge cleaning system maintains suction capacity, washing it with a puff of
compressed air that blows the dust into the specific collection drawer or bin. The high filtering
surface of each cartridge allows a small footprint, which allows, compared to traditional bag
filters, to install the Pulsatron Compact® ATEX even near the source of pollution.

Pulsatron Compact® ATEX cartridge filters have been designed and manufactured
to ensure adequate application in ATEX II 3D T155 qualified environments.
The design was carried out using the collaboration of experts in the ATEX legislation and with
the use of cutting-edge design software such as Cosmos Fem and Solid Works3D.

Through the Cosmos program our technicians have carried out several explosion simulation
tests, thanks to which we have been able to intervene on the structural parts, in order
to guarantee our high resistance to our Pulsatron Compact® ATEX cartridge filter.


  • Powder coating
  • Food manufacturing
  • Aluminium/zinc manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing Coal


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