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CLEANMIST® Oil mist centrifugal filters



Product Description

The CLEANMIST® range includes a wide choice of oil mist centrifugal and electrostatic filters to suit all applications

        Air polluted by oil mist is efficiently drawn into the centrifugal filter, via the mesh protected intake which prevents solids such as swarf from entering the system.
A cone-shaped diffuser ensures the mist particles and vapours are evenly distributed inside the impeller, where they are rapidly spun and pushed towards the filtering panels.
As they pass through the panels, the particles coalesce, forming droplets, which are then drained to the outside through a specific drain pipe.
The purified air is thus channeled towards the upper part of the centrifugal filter, where,
if necessary, it is treated with a final cartridge or with a electrostatic final filter (EFF).


  • Turning centres
  • CNC Machine tools
  • Grinding machines
  • Component wash systems


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