PC BENCH Solution to ensure a clean work area in the presence of smoke or dusty materials

PC BENCH is a new range of suction benches designed to ensure a clean work area in the presence of smoke or dusty materials that safeguards operators and the production environment.

Due to its characteristics, this type of filter is suitable for coating, deburring, welding, and polishing operations in the marble and wood industry, in the metalworking sector, in foundries and in many other types of applications.


  • Grinding
  • Miscellaneous processing

  • Efficiency:Efficiency: Emissions ≤ 5 mg/Nm³*
    *Other emissions obtainable on request
  • Low Noise Level 68/75 dBA depending on the model
  • Limited maintenance thanks to an efficient counter-washing Pulse-jet cleaning system
  • Customised plant engineering solutions

Suction bench complete with Filtration system

Suction benches complete with filtering system with self-cleaning cartridges and automatic pneumatic counter-washing, electric fan and dust collecting drawers on the bench side and filter area. The automatic pneumatic cartridge cleaning system maintains the suction capacity, washing it by blowing compressed air that sends the dust into the specific drawer.


Suction bench connected to a centralised filtering system

The suction bench without filtration system is suited for connection to centralised filtration systems.

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