Hygiene Revolution – Vikan Ultra Safe Technology


ULTRA SAFE TECHNOLOGY is part of Vikan’s ambition to create the most secure, safe and hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry. Let us show you how we are setting new standards.

Vikan’s new Ultra Safe Technology is a revolutionary new line of brooms and brushes that help improve food safety and quality, minimize food waste and increase cleaning efficiency. These new products from Vikan comply with food safety regulations and minimize the risk of contamination hazards.The innovative technology utilizes enhanced bristle security units directly molded to the brush block, removing any gaps or seams while offering unprecedented bristle retention strength. The hand brushes, deck scrubs and sweeping brooms each have a unique bristle pattern to optimize function, while spacing between the bristle units makes each tool easier to clean, dry, and inspect.

UST’s unique design and construction improves bristle retention and allows for significantly more effective cleaning of the product itself.

UST provides a level of hygienic design that has never been seen before. In areas that are hygiene critical, UST gives food processors the confidence that bacteria and foreign contaminates will not hide in and around the tools. This makes UST an outstanding alternative to resin set brush products.

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Overview HFiltration – Air Filtration System

We design and build solutions for air filtration and purification in multiple industrial sectors. Our company is fully certified Made in Italy, exports its products to several countries throughout the world and can provide assurances on products and the origin of materials.
In addition to optimising the production process, we operate to protect the environment, health and safety at work. Professionalism, quality and assistance assured to the customer are key qualities that have made us stand out from our competitors
Our technical department uses the latest generation design software that allows us to study solutions tailored to the customer.

We believe in innovation, in the future and in the continuous training of resources with the goal of providing a constantly updated and cutting-edge service.
The experience gained over the years, the many successes and goals achieved and the expertise of our staff allow us to provide highly qualified consultation and assistance as well as solutions tailored to your needs.


Dupuy – Single Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners


The DU-PUY range of single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners meets all the needs professionals may have in their companies.
Very suitable to clean any dusty (liquid or solid) material, this range of products consists in wheeled vacuum cleaners specifically designed to speed up professionals’ production processes. Ideal for the technical cleaning of working environments and machineries, discover our different models, differentiated by their size, their capacity and their unloading systems.



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The CLEANMIST® Solution for Oil Mist Centrifugal Filters

The CLEANMIST® range includes a vast series of oil mist centrifugal filters. Air polluted by oil mist or liquid coolant is channelled into the centrifugal filter, going through the intake with mesh to prevent solid materials from being suctioned.
A cone-shaped diffuser ensures that the mist particles and vapours are evenly distributed inside the impeller, where they are rapidly spun and pushed towards the filtering panels. As they go through the panels, the particles undergo coalescence, transforming into droplets, which are then drained to the outside through a specific drain pipe. Purified air is thus channelled towards the upper part of the centrifugal filter, where, if necessary, it is treated with a final cartridge or with a final electrostatic filter (FEF).

  • Applications with the presence of oil
  • Lathes
  • CNC Machine tools
  • Metal parts washing machines
  • Applications with the presence of Oil

  • Easy installation
  • High efficiency
  • Low Noise
  • Reduced maintenance and easy access
  • Processing oil recovery
  • Customised plant engineering solutions
  • Technical assistance and after sales service

CLEANMIST® with final cartridge filter


After the CLEANMIST® filter according to standard EN1822-201 in filtration classes
The final cartridge filter can have an efficiency between H10 85% and H13 99.96%.
The cartridges are also available in the active carbon version for odour removal.

CLEANMIST® with Final Electrostatic Filter


It operates based on the principle of ionisation of polluting particles. The air coming out of the CleanMist® filter passes through an “ionising” section where particles up to 0.03 µm (micron) receive a strong electrical charge. The air flow goes through a second “collector” section, made of plates with the opposite electrical charge. Ionised contaminant particles are thereby drawn to the plates and stick to them. The treated air is delivered back into the environment with 99% of the impurities removed.


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PC® CYCLONE DUST SEPARATOR Solution For Reduces The Presence of Coarse Dust Particles.


The PC® CYCLONE is a pre-separator which, through centrifugal force, considerably reduces the presence of coarse dust particles.

PC® CYCLONE is used as preliminary treatment of the contaminated stream to partially abate the polluted elements in the air. The standard HFiltration cyclone supply includes the dust collection bin up to Ø1000 mm. To promote the discharge of the abated dust, in addition to the Ø1000 mm, a motorized rotary valve is installed by default below the cyclonic cone.

We suggest using the PC® CYCLONE dust separator as a pre-dust suppressor, paired with our Cart, HJL Bag or Pulsatron Compact® filters. Recommended for a wide range of industrial processes where dry dust and coarse dust or sparks must be treated. The head loss in these cyclones varies between 95 and 130mm H2O.

For heavy duty applications, the pre-separator can be made of wear-resistant steel (HARDOX®).

  • Coal
  • Cement
  • Dry processing on tool machines
  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Grinding
  • Sandblasting
  • Deburring
  • Foodstuff processing
  • Aluminium processing
  • Powder coating
  • Aspiratore fumi saldatura
  • Marble cutting
  • Lathes
  • Aluminium/zinc processing
  • Welding smoke extractor
  • Powdery material handling

  • Drop in concentration at dust remover inlet
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Dust pre-separator
  • Reduced risks of fire





For more information, please contact us: (021) 758-759-88 or you can email to profiklin@profiklin.com