OERTZEN Solution For High Pressure Cleaners

For more than 60 years von Oertzen GmbH of Ammersbek, Germany, has been specializing on water jetting systems for industry and commerce. Being an independent and successful company OERTZEN offers persistent quality products and develops tailor-made solutions for customers and markets.

Machines convince by concept and construction taking an outstanding position in the market. Domestic production uses only premium material – producing solid, durable and reliable machines of top quality.


Decision makers of major German enterprises have been purchasing our machines for decades, because OERTZEN scores by:

In Germany OERTZEN guarantees maximum customer care and expert advice by its own sales and service organisation.

In Europe and on all continents of the world our export partners ensure professional guidance for our demanding customers as well, giving confidence in always taking the right option with OERTZEN.

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Fiorentini We Clean The World with ECOPRO


Give the next step in cleanliness in cleanness and overcome any obstacle with new scrubber ECOPRO. This machine makes it possible to clean small, narrow and tight spaces and overcomes any obstacle due to its compact and flexible design. Adjust its flexible handle and remove any dirt trail with its 40kg brush pressure. This scrubber is equipped with two brushes which rotate on opposite directions, pushing the solution towards the center and avoiding dirt from spreading.

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The innovative range of trolleys !!


For Hostpital :


The dedicated version for the healthcare sector, complete with drawers for the mop impregnation system or carrying various items, doors, top with lids complete of key, lateral removable drawer for tools and mops.

For School :


One of the most popular configuration, complete with double bucket and vertical wringer for washing operation and room to store all the necessary tools and material for school cleaning operations.

For Hotel :


Designed specifically for the various cleaning operations in hotel environments, this version is equipped with 2 bags for linen collection as well as 2 large shelves for towels and linen and a smaller one for various uses.

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Cleaning any kind of floor or surface Solution for pedestrian

Pedestrian is a sidewalk intended for pedestrians to enjoy the nuances of urban buildings and city parks, but the current conditions are still difficult to maintain because they have several problems, namely:

  1. Not flat
  2. Dificult to mantaince
  3. Easy to damage
  4. High repair cost
  5. High injuring risk


Solution we can offer !!

  • Additive for concrete : permanent waterprofing and anti stain
    DPC (Deep Penetrating Capillary) crystalline technology is a waterproofing chemical treatment that, when added to the concrete mix as an additive or used as a coating, increases the durability of concrete by sealing pores, capillaries and micro-fractures with a needle-like crystalline formation that is insoluble and highly resistant.
  • Supershield’s active components react chemically with the co-products of cement hydration, forming a crystalline structure that becomes part of the concrete mass, making it impervious to moisture and liquids entering from every direction, but allowing the passage of water vapour and allowing the structure to breathe.
  • The crystalline structure is established when there is moisture. Also in time, if settlement cracks form, new water trying to enter concrete triggers a new crystal growth process which seals cracks of up to 0.4 mm.
  • The crystalline structures, being formed inside the concrete mass and not exposed to the surface, cannot deteriorate, whereas membranes and other superficial waterproof coatings can easily be damaged. Simply put, the DPC system waterproofs and protects concrete permanently, therefore increasing its durability.



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Colour it clean

How it works

Colour-coded segregation helps minimise the risk of product cross-contamination from microbes and food residues, including allergens, chemicals and foreign bodies. It works by assigning cleaning tools a specific colour for use in specific areas and/or for specific tasks.

For example, red tools can be used in high-risk areas, and yellow ones in low-risk areas. Blue tools could be used to clean surfaces that come in contact with food, while green ones could be used for cleaning floors. This makes it easy to identify whether tools are in the wrong area, or are being used for the wrong task.


Heightened food safety regulations are driving the need for documented food safety management systems. As a result, more food processors are using colour-coding throughout their facilities to help manage food safety risks.

Colour-coding can be an effective and easily understood way of minimising cross contamination. It has been shown that, with proper implementation, the benefits of a colour-coding system can outweigh the costs. Additionally, while it is not yet a firm requirement by law, colour-coding is often looked upon favourably by customers and inspectors as a practice that shows a companys commitment to food safety.



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Aerial Work Platform (AWP)

An aerial work platform (AWP), also known as an aerial device, elevating work platform (EWP), bucket truck or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height. There are distinct types of mechanized access platforms and the individual types may also be known as a “cherry picker” or “scissor lift.”

They are generally used for temporary, flexible access purposes such as maintenance and construction work or by firefighters for emergency access, which distinguishes them from permanent access equipment such as elevators. They are designed to lift limited weights — usually less than a ton, although some have a higher safe working load (SWL)[1] — distinguishing them from most types of cranes. They are usually capable of being set up and operated by a single person.

Solution We Can Offer !!

Our Equipment

Simple, reliable, robust. Behind every Snorkel machine is the innovative vision of its founder, Art Moore. Building aerial lifts that deliver time and time again is at the core of every Snorkel design. Produced with high quality materials and ergonomic designs, Snorkel lifts work hard to make tough tasks simple. Browse our wide range of work at height solutions or use our Snorkel Selector to quickly identify the ideal lifts for your application.






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Why use a Floor scrubber dryer is very important ?

A floor scrubber dryer is considered to be the ideal floor cleaner for any hard floor. It works by scrubbing, cleaning and drying your floor. Using a floor scrubber dryer has multiple benefits. The first of which is that it is an incredibly efficient and easy to use method of cleaning. It saves huge amounts of time and effort against the traditional mop and bucket method of cleaning. Its cleaning ability is far more effective than a mop. It cleans uniformly and consistently at all times ensuring that you do not have to go back over the floor “for the bits you missed” and that you have a reliable result each time it is used. This efficient cleaning will also be saving you money in labour costs!

From a Health and Safety perspective the use of a scrubber dryer brings many advantages. Both the water and cleaning chemicals are contained within the machine, thus preventing chemical spills or over flowing buckets causing an issue. Along a similar line, as the machine dries the floor after it cleans this prevents any slip hazards or disruption waiting for the floor to dry!


Solution We Can Offer !!

Ride On Scrubber Dryers

A ride on scrubber dryer is designed to clean larger hard floor areas, cleaning and drying them in a single pass. The water, cleaning chemical and dirt are removed by a vacuum. Fiorentini machines offer simplicity of use and are robust, which ensures low on-going maintenance costs. The diversity of the floor scrubber dryer range also means that any hard floor or size of floor can be cleaned effectively.

Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

A Fiorentini walk behind (pedestrian) scrubber dryer is designed for those smaller areas, cleaning floors by pushing the machine and drying them in a single pass. The water, cleaning chemical and dirt are removed by a vacuum. Fiorentini pedestrian floor scrubbing machines offer simplicity of use and are robust, which ensures low on-going maintenance costs. The diversity of the Fiorentini small scrubber dryer range ensures that a small floor scrubber can be found to suit your cleaning requirements.


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Listeria, its most common hideouts, and where to clean

Listeria is a very common bacterium that adapts well in many environments. Once established in a food production facility, some strains of Listeria can be very difficult to eliminate. This post highlights the most common hideouts for Listeria in food production environments, and offers useful advice on how to optimise environmental Listeria control.

When to be concerned about Listeria?
Because Listeria is common in the environment and can be found in soil, water, animal guts and on raw foods, the bacteria can easily be introduced into and spread throughout food production facilities.

Listeria also can form biofilms that help them attach to the surface of floor, drains and equipment – making them more difficult to remove during cleaning, and protecting them from drought, heat and standard cleaning and disinfection chemicals. Listeria biofilm is often the source of food product cross-contamination.

Additionally, Listeria can grow in cold environments and can survive freezing temperatures. These conditions are often used to control microbial growth, but for Listeria they serve only to restrict the growth of competitors. This means that refrigerated and frozen foods still are at risk.

Most ready-to-eat food processing environments are chilled and provide the nutrients and moisture required for Listeria growth. So, there’s good reason for being concerned about Listeria contamination if you produce ready-to-eat, chilled food.

Listeria hideouts and control in food production facilities

1. Floors

Floors that are made of inappropriate materials or that have been installed poorly can lead to static water pools, water trap points or water absorption. Badly constructed or poorly sealed wall-to-floor or drain-to-floor joints often lead to water becoming trapped, as can poorly maintained and damaged floors with cracks, holes or gaps. All these situations can lead to Listeria colonisation. Consequently, the appropriate selection, installation and maintenance of your production floor are very important with regard to Listeria control.4

2. Drains

If Listeria is present in your food production facility, it will most likely be found in your drains. The reason for this is that drains act as a collection points for most of the Listeria-contaminated water on site, and then provide the nutrients and moisture required for the Listeria to grow.

Even though cleaning drains is an unpleasant and complex task, it is critical for Listeria control. Dirty drains can be a source of Listeria contamination, and flooded drains can spread listeria via pools of contaminated water on the floor. Drains should (if possible) only be cleaned during production downtime, and you’ll need to give aerosols time to settle before rinsing and disinfecting your food contact surfaces.

How to avoid Listeria contamination from floors and drains ??

Listeria can be transferred from contaminated floors and drains to other food production areas – and to food itself – in several ways. These include people’s footware, equipment and trolley wheels, and cleaning equipment.

The best way to avoid Listeria contamination from your floors and drains is to clean and disinfect them regularly. Remember to clean floor and drains in a way that minimizes contamination of other surfaces in the room. The use of high-pressure hoses or mechanical scrubbing will increase the risk of Listeria aerosolisation, where the bacteria spread through the air into other areas and onto equipment, food, and food contact surfaces. Instead, use dedicated colour-coded manual cleaning tools for floor and drain cleaning. Tools used to clean floors should have a different colour from those used to clean drains and from those used to clean food contact surfaces.

Processing equipment
Like floors and drains, hard-to-clean areas on and inside food processing equipment can allow for water accumulation and contamination, which can then lead to Listeria colonisation and growth.

To minimize the risk, it’s essential to use hygienically designed processing equipment, which is easy to clean and made of suitable food contact-compliant materials. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection should be based on risk assessment, but for equipment used to process chilled ready-to-eat foods, it should probably be at least once a day.

Daily cleaning should be supplemented with regular equipment stripdowns and deep cleaning to ensure that areas that are difficult to reach during daily cleaning are controlled. Again, the frequency of deep cleaning should be based on risk assessment.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment can be a major source of Listeria contamination – with surveys showing that up to 47 percent of cleaning equipment in food-processing areas test positive for Listeria (Campden BRI, 1990).

To prevent Listeria contamination, there are two important factors to consider for your cleaning equipment: hygienic design and proper maintenance.

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Polished concrete is considered a ultimate and sustainable design flooring option because it makes use of the materials already present. Most modern buildings are built on a concrete slab; polishing the exposed concrete eliminates the energy and material consumed by applying a floor covering. It is something to consider when building or modernizing towards a more green solution.

Solution We Can Offer :



Industrial Oil and Chips Vacuum Cleaners for Mechanical Industry

The suction of oil, lubricants and shavings requires special wheeled vacuum cleaners. Suction, filtration, separation and unloading must perfectly meet the needs of the mechanical sector. DU-PUY suction bucket units offer low purchase costs and minimum maintenance.
Their characteristic? They allow you to recyle the oil used and lower the costs of your production plant.